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If you’d like to attend Scotiacon, you’ll need to register beforehand via our online system. The sections below should tell you everything you need to know to register with us, but if you have any questions, check out our magical FAQ, NESSIE.

IconGeneral Information

Here are a few things to bear in mind during the registration process:

  • We have a guide to help you through the process of registering, you can find it linked above on this website when registration is open.
  • We have not saved any registration information from previous years; whether you are a returning attendee or a first-timer, you’ll need to complete the registration form in full.
  • You will be asked to provide your legal name as part of the registration process. Please ensure that the name you give matches the name on the photographic ID that you will be bringing to the convention as we must match these to fulfil our obligation to make sure only registered attendees are present at the convention.
  • All attendees must be 18 or more years old on the first day of their attendance at the convention.

IconRegistration Options

Residential vs. Non-Residential: We offer both residential and non-residential registration. The difference between the two is whether or not you will be staying overnight in the convention hotel. If you wish to seek alternative accommodation, or if we have run out of rooms to offer, you can secure your own accommodation elsewhere and select a non-residential registration. There are a number of alternative hotels within a short walk of our hotel, however, we have no special arrangements with these so you will be responsible for making your own bookings with them.

Extra Days: Standard residential registration includes a three night hotel stay, checking in on Friday 7th February and checking out on Monday 10th February. If you wish to arrive early and check in on the Thursday or leave late and check out on the Tuesday, this option is for you. Extra days are offered at a per-day rate depending on your room type and both attendees in a given room will need to select the same extra days to be eligible.

Day Tickets: We are pleased to be able to return to offering day tickets this year. If you would like to attend the convention for certain days only, we offer these at a flat rate per day you wish to attend. You will need to choose which days you are attending when you register. Please note that these options are treated as non-residential and do not include any accommodation.

Sponsor Option: If you wish to pay more to sponsor the convention, first of all - thank you! Your additional contributions help us to make the convention even better for all its attendees. There is no obligation to sponsor, but if you choose to, you will receive some additional perks.

These include:

  • The convention T-shirt
  • A sponsor lanyard and attendee badge
  • Additional bonus items yet to be revealed!

T-Shirt: If you wish to purchase this year’s official convention T-shirt, you will be able to add a small fee to your registration to secure this. You’ll need to select your preferred size as part of the registration process; please make sure to select the size you want as we base the amount of stock we buy on the numbers we see through registration. We usually purchase some additional stock for sale at the Dealers Den at the convention, but this is subject to availability so purchasing through registration is the only way you can guarantee that you’ll receive a shirt. Our Sponsor Option above already includes the T-shirt purchase, so you do not need to select this option if you are sponsoring!

IconOur Hotel

Our convention hotel is the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Glasgow. Please see our Venue page for more details on its facilities.

The Crowne Plaza offers the following room types for residential attendees:

Standard: This is a standard room for two people; you will have the option of choosing either a king room with one king-size double bed, or a twin room with two separate beds.

Executive Room: This room type comes with executive lounge access and a king-sized bed.

Executive Suite: This room type comes with executive lounge access and includes an additional private sitting room space attached to the bedroom.

All residential attendees also receive complimentary access to the health club at the hotel, including a pool and sauna.

Please note that the hotel does not offer single rooms and, to ensure that we can offer accommodation to as many attendees as possible, we are not able to accept attendees paying double in order to secure an entire room to themselves.

As per 2024 and in contrast to years before this, we are not offering a roommate matching service for attendees; you will need to find your own roommate prior to registration.

We have exclusivity of the hotel for the convention weekend and so the only way to book a room at the Crowne Plaza for the convention days is through the convention; please do not call the hotel to secure a booking directly as you will not be able to do this.

IconNew for 2025! Overflow Hotel

This year we have secured some spaces in a nearby hotel to offer as part of the standard registration process. The Hilton Garden Inn is located about 7 minutes walk (approximately 500m) from the Crowne Plaza and has a number of twin and double rooms available. If you are staying in the Hilton Garden Inn, you will be able to park your car at the Hilton at the convention rate of £5 per day; please ensure you speak to the hotel reception to secure this.

When registering, as in previous years, you will rank the room types that you are willing to accept into a choice order. If you would like to be considered for either (or both!) of the overflow hotel room types, add them to your ranking. If you do not wish to stay in the overflow and only wish to be considered for the Crowne Plaza, simply leave them out of your ranking.

Please note that this is for accommodation only, we will not be using any of the venue space in the Hilton as part of the convention.

IconHow Registration Works

Scotiacon operates a “first come, first served” registration policy. Simply put, we sell rooms as people register with us and when we run out, we stop. We do not operate a lottery system. If we run out of rooms, we will continue to offer non-residential attendance types.

Anyone who has registered for a residential attendance after we have run out of rooms will be added to a waitlist and, should a room become available, these will be assigned to the attendees on the waitlist on a “first in, first out” basis.

Attendees on the waitlist will still have the option to switch to a non-residential attendance at any time until their registration becomes verified; this can be done via the website by changing the selected attendance options. Once registration is verified and paid for this will become locked and no further changes can be made without cancelling the registration and starting anew, which could incur additional fees.

When selecting your accommodation, you will have the option to generate a room sharing invite. This will give you a link that you can share with the person you intend to share with. When they click the link while logged into the registration system, it will attach them to your room share. Whoever generates the code is the “lead” of the share. Only the lead needs to share the link, the other person sharing does not need to share a link in return. Room shares can be dissolved and re-made through the system.

Once registered, we will verify the registration. Generally this will take no more than 48 hours, although as we traditionally see many registrations in the period immediately after opening for registration we are asking our attendees who register immediately at opening to allow two weeks for their verification to arrive. We will update across our social media channels to keep potential attendees advised of any delays.

Once verified, we will request payment from attendees. Payment can be accepted by card through our website, or via bank transfer. Payment will need to be received within one week of the request being made, otherwise the registration will be released, including any room reservation. Please note that, for residential attendance, both attendees in the room share need to have paid by the deadline in order to secure the room.


Our pricing for 2025 is unchanged from what we were able to offer in 2024. Here are the costs for this year:

Residential Attendance

All costs are per person, not per room!

The standard residential attendance price includes a hotel stay at the Crowne Plaza, checking in on Friday 7th February and checking out on Monday 10th February.

The extra days are checking in on Thursday (6th February) and/or checking out on Tuesday (11th February).

Room TypePriceExtra Days Per Person, Per Day
Standard Room - Double£330£80
Standard Room - Twin£330£80
Executive Room£400£100
Executive Suite£480£125

Non-Residential Attendance

Attendance TypePrice Per Person
Attending Only (Friday to Monday)£100
Day Tickets (per day)£45
Additional Options

If you’d like to help fund the convention a little more and help us to make the event even better, you can choose to upgrade with a sponsor registration which includes a special colour of lanyard, attendee badge, our 2025 T-shirt, and perhaps some other special goodies. If you just want the T-shirt, however, you can just pay for that on its own.

NamePrice Per Person
Sponsor Upgrade (Includes T-Shirt)£80