This year Scotiacon are pleased to present a very special panel brought to you by Jonathan at the Vanguard Centre; a part of The Academy of Historical Arts, who promote the research, study and practise of historical martial & creative arts.

Vanguard Centre specialise in HEMA or Historical European Martial Arts, covering a full range of indigenous and traditional martial arts from Europe’s long and turbulent history. Vanguard work from old textbooks and handwritten manuscripts written by medieval, renaissance and early modern masters to learn the skills of fighting with traditional weapons.

In Glasgow, Vanguard offer archery, sword fighting and blacksmithing; guiding you through both your first steps and your personal development mastery of your chosen skill.

With other centres round Britain, Academy of Historical Arts can offer coaching in a range of regional specialities, including a variety of regularly changing Scottish fighting arts classes. They offer a wide range of Scottish weaponry from the Scottish Claymore all the way to the Highland broadsword and targe.

Jonathan, a senior instructor at the Vanguard Centre, first studied HEMA in 2010 at Dundee University, and founded a major HEMA community in Scotland alongside other notable fencers. He is currently researching the traditional Scottish Fighting Arts, and is developing classes to share his conclusions and techniques.

Jonathan is perfectly placed to explain the fascinating history behind our medieval weapons, give an interactive demonstration – some lucky participants may even be required to assist!

Come join us at 3pm in Main Stage on Friday, learn a little about Medieval history and have fun while doing it.

Keep your eyes on the auction, as the Vanguard Centre have kindly given some experience days and other interesting things for you to bid on!

For further information about this exciting school you can go to: