Timetable of the convention

Please use the links below to navigate the convention timetable.

Booshie’s Life Drawing

Hosts: Booshie – Time – 1000 to 1100

After popular demand it has returned! This time with more lead and even more poses. Fruit may be included… No eating! So come join the great challenge and you might even earn a frame to house your new masterpiece!!

Photoshoot – Last chance saloon

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time – 1100 to 1200

Have your photo taken by our resident photo fox. Theme fitting props and accessories are provided to allow you to get into the spirit of the convention and create photographic memories of your time with us.

An introduction to Table Top Roleplay

Host: Blizzy Artic Fox – Time – 1100 to 1200

Come Join Blizzy and let him take you through how to begin your very own adventure with friends. He has now a good ten years of experience in the table top gaming world and is here to discuss past experiences from playing and running a campaign.

Nailed It!

Host: Ixis– Time – 1530 to 1630

Ever wondered how to recreate those Instagram nail looks but never knew where to start? Join Ixis as she talks you through the tips and techniques of beginner nail art with a furry twist. Equipment will be provided, all welcome.

Airheads (and bodies, and legs) Anonymous

Host: Ceilfox – Time – 1130 to 1230

Airheads…. and paws, and bodies and…. well, air filled things!

The Mass Fursuit Gathering

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time – 1300 to 1400

Well you’ve had all your small group and individual photos, now it’s time for the mass photo of all that fluff or scales and yes even feathers!

Fursuit Games

Hosts: Sayre and Alexander Silverfang – Time – 1400 to 1530

Well brave Sir Knight, Time to test your knightly and investigatory skills in this year’s Fursuit Games. So, bring your Swords, spy glass and wits as you’ll be needing them for this year, that’s if you cherish your hides!

Dungeons and Dragons: Pathfinder

Host: Blizzy Artic Fox – Time – 1400 to 1930

Step into a very medieval setting for a one-off session of DnD Pathfinder. A small band of heroes prepare themselves in a dusty old tavern to escort a caravan through the dark and foreboding woods where many have ended up missing and lost in the strange wood…

Furry Finance & Credit 101

Host: Viper– Time – 1530 to 1430

Adulting can suck, so Viper has decided to make it more fun! Join him as he goes over the basics of how to get a good start in the daunting world of finances, including how to use credit responsibly and what traps to avoid in the world of banking.



Dreamworld and Maulody Concert

Hosts: Erin San Juan and Night Moonbayer– Time – 1800 to 1900

Want to listen to orchestral music for an hour? Come listen to Erin Kitsune and Night Moonbayer! They’ll Playing all your favourite classic hits of which you’ll find both pawesome and mauvelous!! (yes, it hurt me not to edit that out) Erin will even be playing some songs from her album “Dreamworld”.


Scotiacon’s Secret Shocking Pub Quiz

Hosts: Sayre and Rico – Time – 1600 to 1730

Questions in groups, answers in groups and a whole lot of trouble while trying to find them. Come along and see if you can beat our quiz!


Fursuit Repairs with Ceil & Syber

Hosts: Ceilfox and Syber – Time – 1730 to 1830

Basic Fursuit repairs and maintenance. Learn ‘good practice’ ways to clean, repair and keep your suit looking at its best.

Scotiacon’s Open Mic and Band Night

Hosts: Mattabee – Time – 2100 to 2300

Time to bust out your guitar and play Wonderwall with other musically talented furries! This is Scotiacon’s very own band and open mic night. So, come along and show off your talent or just come along listen to the Electric drum-kit, bass and guitar will be provided!

Chill and Games – Two Rooms and a Boom

Host:  Blizzy Artic Fox and Frío Wuffle– Time – 2100 to 0100

Like every year, Scotiacon likes to host a nice relaxing evening with some table to game in the bar restaurant area or console games in the Summit room. This year we’re even hosting some special games each night, for Sunday it’s Two Rooms and a Boom.

Murdered Dog Afterparty

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time – 2300 to 0100

Rounding off the convention with a good old song and dance. Beware of the cheesy music content of this event. To be honest if you’re at this party we were already killed by the music the night before.