Timetable of the convention

Please use the links below to navigate the convention timetable.



Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time – check Schedule for times!

Have your photo taken by our resident photo fox. Theme fitting props and accessories are provided to allow you to get into the spirit of the convention and create photographic memories of your time with us.

Dealers Den and Art Show

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time – 1000 to 1700

The dealers den will once again be open for the parting of your money for shiny things. Pick up a commission, buy from the convention table or browse all of the things on show. Art show space is provided free of charge though is subject to free space.

Species Meet Ups

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time – check Schedule for times!

Scotiacon is proud to call itself ad chilled out and social con and this year we thought to host some mini meets throughout the day to meet up with your fellow species, suiters, non-suiters and photographers all welcome. Just think of it as another way to meet people while getting a chance to snap few group photos!

Artist Alley

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time – 1100 to 1530

Dealers Den isn’t enough for your artist fix, well we even have an artists alley that will have even more our people looking to sell their wares and commissions. Sign up Friday afternoon, don’t miss it if you want a table.

Informal Improv

Host: Seadragom – Time – 1200 to 1300

It’s like “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” but with furries. And you too, I guess. No-pressure improv games and fun with like-minded individuals

So you want to be a fursuiter?

Hosts: Ethan Staghorn and Typhon – Time – 1100 to 1200

What are Fursuits? We just don’t know. Join us for an educational talk about fursuits, one of the most obscure and unseen parts of the furry fandom. Wearing or owning a fursuit not required.

2018 Smash Brothers Tournament

Hosts: Zenon and Kingshaw – Time – 1230 to 1500

Yep that right Smash Brothers tournament if returning for a fourth year running. Much like last year setup they’ll be single player tournament and team player, are you knight enough to claim the honour of victory?

ScotiaCon Dance Competition 2018

Host: Ashdon – Time – 1330 – 1500

Shake your tail feathers…or fluff…whatever! It’s time for the first every Scotiacon Dance Competition! watch as dancers display their skill and work their moves to impress the judges to win one of the coveted trophies.

Fursuit Making with Cub

Host: Cub– Time – 1500 – 1600

An explanation of the fursuit making process from start to finish with plenty of Q&A!



Eat Scotland Medieval Style!

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time – 1600 to 1730

Each year we have the chefs at the hotel make some very tasty food for you to try. All with a distinctly Scottish twist and a bit of information on what you’re eating. Normally this will be a starter, a main and a dessert, but this will vary from year to year as to exactly what is provided.

Art Auction

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time – 1830 to 2000

Like every year Scotiacon gives you a chance to claim a piece for your very own while raising some money for charity, so come down and get your bidding paw ready as we’re more than happy to help lighten your wallet, or purse!


Barking Blanks

Hosts: Alexander Silverfang and Kisumi – Time – 2030 to 2200

Do you really think this horror show will every stop?! Well I’m happy to tell you it’ll never stop, in fact we’ve yet again increased our budget this year and managed to ‘convince’ some of our older panellist to return! So come join our crazy hosts, panel of judges and two challenger teams. Watch how they face the new challenges together as well as the return of some old favourites, please can’t forget the Crystal Dome Shower Cubicle! No refunds accepted!

Artist Chillout

Host: Saga – Time – 2100 to 230

A relaxed meet up for artists, Pro’s and Amatures alike where we can draw, sketch, chat and share skills. Who knows maybe someone will want to do a trade with you or show you a new skill.

Please try and bring your own supplies if you can!

The Wining

Host: Birdy the Scottish Gryphon – Time – 2100 to 230

This is the “furry mixer” event, it’s about meeting people! Saying hello to old friends, new ones and enjoying a bit of conversation! You are welcome to bring your favourite bottle of wine and taste it with the others, plus you can’t forget the accompaniments.

Chill and Games – Werewolf Tournament

Host:  Blizzy Artic Fox and Acey Woofer – Time – 2200 to 0100

Like every year, Scotiacon likes to host a nice relaxing evening with some table to game in the bar restaurant area or console games in the Summit room. This year we’re even hosting some special games each night, for Saturday it’s One Night Werewolf Tournament.

Ceil’s Karaoke Conundrum

Hosts: Ceil and Chamesh – Time – 2200 to 0100

There is a horrible rumour that if you give lots of money to charity, Silverfoxwolf will start singing for money. We’re not sure if it’s to make him stop or not. In either case, come along and belt out some tunes.