Timetable of the convention

Please use the links below to navigate the convention timetable.


Scotiacon Tea Party (meet and greet edition)

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time – 1230 to 1330

After the massive success of last year, of course we have to bring this back again or risk a mutiny! So, pop along and get to know the others there. Please note that the cake is also back and is definitely not a lie (is this joke getting old yet? ach well we’ll find out next year).

All Welcome Syber

Hosts: Silver and Syber – Time – 1330 to 1430

Seems we have found our mysterious murderer, damn it, it’s only our Guest of Honour, still let’s not waste our opportunity to find out some information from her.

An Introduction to medieval swordsmanship

Hosts: The Vangaurd Centre – Time – 1500 to 1700

This year Scotiacon will be getting our own very special lesson giving details on the history of Scotland medieval weaponry and fighting styles from Jonathan a senior instructor at the Vanguard Centre.

Meet the Charity

Hosts: Saints Sled dog rescue – Time – 1700 to 1800

This year we are proud to present Saints Sled dog rescue as our charity this year. These great people look some of man’s best friends, specifically those curly tailed Huskies and Malamutes. So, come along and found out more about what this year’s charity does for these fine dogs.

Armour Class

Host: Buckminster – Time – 1700 to 1800

Well you’ve just learnt a little about the weapons from times past so seems only sensible to learn a little about the armour from the that time and maybe even try it on!


Fursuit Charades

Host: Scotskunk – Time – 1800 to 1900

To put simply, dress up in a costume and attempt to act out the words or situations provided. Yes, it will become silly and no we are we’re never going to stop running it!

How to Survive Your First Con

Hosts: Rik McCloud & Ashdon – Time – 1800 to 1900

Never been to a furry convention before? Unsure of what to expect? Don’t know what is what? Answer these and many more questions here!


Hosts: Silverfoxwolf and Syber – Time – 1900 to 2000

Striving to create the most interesting design of a fursuit using whatever can be found. Materials and equipment is provided so you can let loose your inner creative spirit. The winning team may bask in the glory of knowing that their design took the longest to fall apart and had the most inventive use of pipe cleaners.

The Messenger Trials

Host: Rogerg – Time – 1900 to 2000

Can’t have a medieval theme without a mediaeval style game. This year one of our own has come up with a life size version of snakes and ladders for dummies and yes you the public are the dummies, come join watch the hilarity or even join in yourself, you might even win a prize!


Would I Lie Awoo?

Host: Scotskunk – Time – 2030 to 2130

Based on the popular TV parlour show of a similar name, join ScotSkunk and his two teams of underpaid guests as they go through their tales of truthful tittlement or false flabbergasts.

Danza’s Life is Goodish Part III

Hosts:  Danza Dragon – Time – 2130 to 2300

Back again for its third year! With the assistance of a bit of wine Danza delves into the murky depths of DMs, notes and messages sent to himself and others with his voice, PowerPoint and word class animation skills as his tools.

Chill and Games – Kill Team edition

Host:  Blizzy Artic Fox – Time – 2000 to 0100

Like every year, Scotiacon likes to host a nice relaxing evening with some table to game in the bar restaurant area or console games in the Summit room. This year we’re even hosting some special games each night, for Friday it’s Warhammers 40k Kill Team is a table top miniatures game.

Slumber Movie Night

Host:  Ashdon – Time – 2300 to 0100

Bring your fursuits and Kigus! it’s time for a good old-fashioned movie night! Laughs, cuddles and hot chocolate here!