Submitting a fursuit badge

Fursuit Badge Submissions

Do you wish to have a personalised Fursuit Badge at ScotiaCon this year?

Introducing the Fursuit Badge!

Unable to talk? Your hybrid species have an usual name? Your name hard to mime?

The Fursuit Badge has you covered then. Just put it on when you go out on a fuzzy adventure and no more will you struggle to tell people what your name is, or what your species is, just flash them your custom badge you can get at the convention, problem solved!

If you wish to have your very own fursuit badge then there are only a few steps you need to take in order to get one when you arrive at the convention.

Fill in our form with your details you want on the badge, upload your fursuit photo to be added to the front, and then wait for ScotiaCon to roll around!

Submission Notes and Rules:

The First Fursuit Badge you order will be free, additional badges will be £2 per extra badge.

No Adult Photos, the submissions will be checked and anything found to not be suitable will be rejected and your order may be cancelled if a replacement isn’t given.

Nothing offensive, it doesn’t need to be an adult picture to cause a problem, these may also be declined if found to be a problem.

Ideal Resolution is AT LEAST 300×300 pixels, anything less than this can still be used, but the quality will be reduced. Images don’t have to be in a square format, as they will be adjusted before printing. If you have any questions, then please contact Registration.