Frequently asked questions

What is Scotiacon?

Scotiacon is a furry convention currently located in the city of Livingston, Scotland. Having started in Inverness the convention moved to the middle belt of Scotland to be more accessible to attendees.

This is the perfect convention for those just getting their feet wet as well as those wanting a more intimate setting where you have full opportunity to meet everyone and make lots of new friends.

Why is there an age limit?

There is an age limit as UK law imposes strict requirements, responsibilities and liabilities on events attended by younger people. We feel that this is not something we are able to offer and do not allow attendees under the age of 18 years. We know this might be disappointing to those under 18.

Why do you need ID?

We have to validate who is attending the convention and require valid (in date and not expired) photo ID which must contain your date of birth. This will normally take the form of a Passport, Driving Licence, Government issued military ID, National ID Card or any card bearing the Home Office PASS mark.

If you are unable to present a valid form of identification and we cannot verify your details we will not be able to admit you to the convention.

Why is Scotiacon in November?

It’s nicer for fursuiters! Well, actually it’s a more economical time to hold the event. Since rooms are cheaper we are able to pass the savings on to attendees and offer a better price. By trying to keep to the same time of the year annually we are trying to make it easier for people to plan attending events and space out from other conventions where possible.

Why is convention membership and hotel accommodation separate?

It was felt that to keep them separate allowed people the choice of if they wanted to stay inside the main hotel or arrange their own accommodation. We do review this policy each year in case it’s felt that an all in one package is more desirable.

Why do you ask gender on the registration system?

There is required to only to confirm identity of the person presenting themselves matches the details that were recorded at registration. We have to ensure that the person registering at the convention is the one who signed up. It is not used for any other purpose and will not appear on any badges or be used during the convention for any other reason. We understand this can be a sensitive issue.

Why did you move from Inverness?

Two main reasons for the move. Firstly as a leisure destination hotel pricing was very uncompetitive and the expense put off some people from attending the convention. It was felt a better price could be obtained by moving to the Central Belt of Scotland. Secondly, the original Scotiacon hotel underwent a refurbishment and all but two of the event rooms were converted into bedrooms, this would have left us without space to run the events.

How do you select the charity to support?

Suggestions are taken from staff and attendees and reviewed each year. We contact organisations to work out if we can support them and how best to go about it. Our preference as an organisation is to support smaller charities that can make the biggest use of the funds we are able to raise.

Why select a charity that’s normally animal focused?

The majority of our attendees have a connection with animals or have chosen to represent themselves with animal images. It’s felt we can best use the enthusiasm to raise the most money for charity possible by keeping this focus. We have supported organisations who are not directly looking to benefit animals. For example Hounds for Heroes aims to place service dogs with wounded armed forces personnel to assist their recovery and independence.

Where does all the money go?

Attendee registrations pay for the entire convention and covers all costs. Examples of costs includes things like event space hire, conbook printing, badges, website and company operations. Any money that is not spent at one year of Scotiacon is used for the following year.

Why are pirates called pirates?

Because they arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!