Scotiacon Events



Opening Ceremony

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time: 1300 to 1400

It’s now official! The Grand High Airship Mercure is ready for flight! Make sure to bring your hats, canes, and a reasonable amount of cogs, to join us on this, the Steampunk adventure!

All Welcome Pocari

Hosts: Silver, Pocari – Time: 1400 to 1500

Can’t have a con without a guest of honour, and for this year it’s none other than YouTube superstar Pocari Roo! So let’s not waste our opportunity to find more about this Australian wonder.

Scotiacon Tea Party (Meet and Greet)

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time: 1500 to 1600

A Steampunk Scotiacon without a tea party?! Unthinkable nonsense! So come join everyone in the main bar area for a nice relaxed meet and greet session with our other guests. Don’t worry, tea and coffee is of course included, though if you want to bring your own biscuits or cakes for people to try this is the perfect time to do it!

Meet the Charity

Hosts: Five Sisters Zoo – Time: 1600 to 1700

This year we are proud to be supporting Five Sisters zoo, a local wildlife sanctuary based in West Calder. Ever since its beginning, Five Sisters has been dedicated to helping animals in need from guinea pigs, to lions, to lemurs. So come along and find out about the amazing work these guys do for our furry and scaly friends.

Fursuit Charades

Hosts: Alex, Scotskunk – Time: 1630 to 1730

Put simply, dress up in a costume and attempt to act out the words or situations provided. Yes, it will become silly and no we are never going to stop running it!

Dance competition Practice

Host: Ashdon – Time: 1530 to 1700

Need a final few millimoments to test your dance moves for the dance competition? Well this is the time to do it! Be sure you’re signed up for the dance competition first though.

How to Survive Your First Con

Hosts: Rik McCloud, Ashdon – Time: 1730 to 1830

First time at a furry convention? First time at Scotiacon even? Not sure what to do? Want to meet some new people? Should we stop badgering you with these incessant questions? This could be helpful to you!

The Dragon’s Treasure (Escape Room)

Host: Azakir – Time: 1800 to 0100

An escape room experience for teams of up to six players. You and your fellow team of intellectuals have an hour to retrieve the dragon’s treasure, lest you be stuck in their lair forever! Maybe that’s what you want though. Haha, just kidding… Unless…?

Failsuits Time Trial Edition

Hosts: Silver, Pocari – Time: 1800 to 1830

Strive under extreme pressure to create the most ‘interesting’ fursuit design, using whatever you can find. Materials and equipment are provided so you can let loose your inner creative spirit. Though that extreme pressure comes from having just 20 minutes to design and build. The winning team may bask in the glory knowing that their design took the longest to fall apart,and had the most inventive use of pipe cleaners.

Would I Lie Awoo?

Host: Scotskunk – Time: 1900 to 2030

The furry game show based on the -similarly named- UK TV production (Editor: No real names! I ain’t got enough money for a lawsuit here!) is back once again at Scotiacon. Join ScotSkunk, Team Captains Rik McCloud and Ashdon Husky, and a whole host of other colourful characters as we try to get to the bottom of some tall tales and, who knows, we could make some more memes again!

Everything Pokemon!

Hosts: Reskell, Turbocharge – Time: 2000 to 2300

Like Pokemon? Have a TCG deck you want to try out? Mons you want to trade on your DS? Want to make new friends on Pokémon Go? Want to show off the photos of your Pokémon plushie collection? This event is an open meetup for anyone who likes Pokemon. Friendly TCG and videogame battles, trades, and general discussion! Did we mention it’s about Pokemon?

Charity Concert

Hosts: Fox, Pepper – Time: 2130 to 2230

Come along to our charity concert with some special guests! Bring a beer, some coins and your best singing voice.

Tabletop Gaming Chill

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time: 2300 to 0100

Like every year, Scoticaon likes to host a nice relaxing evening with some tabletop games in the bar-restaurant area, so this is the perfect opportunity to bring the games you love to play for other to try.

Slumber Movie Night

Host: Ashdon – Time: 2230 to 0100

Bring your fursuits and Kigus! It’s time for a good old-fashioned movie night! Laughs, cuddles and hot chocolate abound! Just don’t hug too much, cause you don’t want to miss half the movie.

Retro Gaming

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time: 2230 to 0100

You a PSX fellow? A Saturn lady? Dare we suggest you might be of the Commodore era? If you’ve got an old console you wanna dust off or some cartridges you fancy blowing into just for nostalgic kicks, then this is the time and the place to bring it out!




Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time: Various

Have your photo taken by our resident photografox. Themed props and accessories are provided to allow you to get into the spirit of the convention and create photographic memories of your time with us.

Dealers Den and Art Show

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time: 1000 to 1700

The dealers den will once again be open for the parting of your money for shiny things. Pick up a commission, buy from the convention table or browse all of the things on show. Art show space is provided free of charge though is subject to free space.

Artist Alley

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time: 1030 to 1530

Dealers Den ain’t enough for your artistic fix? Well we have an artists alley that will have even more furfolk looking to sell their wares. If you fancy a table then make sure you don’t miss sign up!

All About Steampunk

Hosts: GUESS Society – Time: 1100 to 1200

Want to learn more about this year’s theme or how to become more steampunk yourself, why not come and ask the experts from GUESS, who are this year’s Steampunk guessts… uhh guests.


Hosts: Various – Time: 1130 to 1230

Sparx, Mitt, Voyd, Dax and Cyon will be teaching the fundamentals of photography. From correct exposure and composition, to photo editing. Bring your own camera if you wish, no matter the type, but it is not essential.

Fursuiting 101

Host: Typhon – Time: 1100 to 1200

A presentation and QA on the basics of fursuiting and how to make the most of it. Tips on staying safe, maximising your performance, and above all how to have fun whilst doing so. Best suited for those considering getting a suit, new suiters, and anyone looking for a few extra tips.

Informal Improv

Host: Seadragom – Time: 1130 to 1330

Take part in some fun, no-pressure improv games in an informal environment. Think ‘‘Whose Line is it Anyway” but you actually get to join in. Fursuiters welcome but be aware that it can be quite active!

Who’s The Top Jax

Host: Jax – Time: 1330 to 1530

Think you can beat the casino cat? A free and fun blackjack tournament open to all. No experience required, practice sessions held at the start.

Fursuit Dance Competition 2019

Host: Ashdon – Time: 1330 to 1530

Shake your tail feathers and put your paws up; it’s time for the Scotiacon Dance Competition! Cheer as suiters show their arabesques, plies, and grapevines to win the most coveted of fandom trophies.

Eat Victorian!

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time: 1600 to 1730

Year after year our chefs work hard to give you yet another interesting culinary experience; each with a Scottish twist and a history lesson, and this year is no different. So come along and give it a try, and come hungry if you can!

Becoming a Fulltime Fandom Artist

Host: Danza – Time: 1730 to 1830

Do you have a hobby that you’re passionate about? Want to take it to the next level? Whether you’re a total newbie, part time, or even full time, come along to learn tips and tricks of the trade of working for our fandom!

Art Auction

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time: 1830 to 2000

Every year Scotiacon gives you a chance to claim a souvenir to bring home while raising some money for charity, so come down and get your bidding paw ready so we can help you lighten your coinpurse!

Barking Blanks! The Final Countdown

Hosts: Alex, Kisumi – Time: 2030 to 2200

Do you really think this horror show will every stop?! Well we’re happy to tell you that this is in fact the last year, so come join our crazy hosts, panel of judges, and two challenger teams. Watch how they face their final series of challenges together, not forgeting the Crystal Dome Shower Cubicle! It will work this time, honest! (Scotiacon accept no responsibility for any mental or physical anguish caused by witnessing this event.)

Artist Chillout

Host: Saga – Time: 2100 to 2330

A relaxed meet up for artists, pros and amateurs alike, where you can draw, sketch, chat and share skills. Who knows, maybe someone will want to do a trade with you or show you a new skill. Please try and bring your own supplies if you can!

The Wining II – Wine Harder

Host: Birdy – Time: 2130 to 0000

Break the ice (and nothing else), and meet up to get to know each other the best way possible with Birdy’s Chocolate and Wine Reception! You are invited and encouraged to bring your favourite bottle or bar, so you can show us your good taste. Glasses and long straws are provided, as well as water and soft drinks. Oh, and fursuiters are welcome!

Tabletop Gaming Chill (With MtG)

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time: 2200 to 0100

Scotiacon presents this mainstay chill, nice, relaxing evening with some tabletop games in the bar restaurant area. We’ll also be hosting a Magic The Gathering meet, so bring your decks along, trade and socialise with fellow enthusiasts.

Jackbox with Pocari Roo

Host: Pocari Roo – Time: 2200 to 0000

Our guest of honour presents 2 hours of that famously dangerous ad-lib social gaming experience, Jackbox. Bring a charged smartdevice, some beers, and a few Pounds for charity of course!

Ceil’s Karaoke Conundrum

Hosts: Ceil – Time – 2200 to 0100

What’s your genre? Whether you’re into showtunes, gangster rap, heavy metal, or chiptunes, you’ll find it here. I mean… obviously not chiptunes, but if you can sing them you might be better suited for the open mic, cause that’s one Hell of a talent.



Steampunk Tea Duelling Tournament

Hosts: GUESS – Time: 1030 to 1300

Do you have the skill and sTEAly resolve to outmaneuver your opponents through your tea dunking and nomming technique? If you think you can, make sure to sign up for the tea duelling tournament at the GUESS table in the main bar area.

Dealers Den

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time: 1000 to 1630

The dealers den will once again be open for the parting of your money for shiny things. Pick up a commission, buy from the convention table or browse all of the things on show. Art show space is provided free of charge but is subject to available space.

Introduction to Lockpicking

Host: Tryst – Time: 1130 to 1300

Want to try your hand at covert entry? Come learn the basics of manipulating locks, and also get some tips on keeping the bad guys out.

Airheads Anonymous

Host: Ceil – Time: 1130 to 1300

Airheads…. and paws, and bodies and…. well, airfilled things! Y’all know what this entails. Grab your pool toys and other inflatables and get to the main stage. There’s no sandy beaches or glimmering oceans unfortunately, but we’re sure you’ll enjoy yourself nonetheless!

Scotiacon Fursuit Group Photo

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time: 1300 to 1400

It’s time for the mass photo of all that fluff or scales and yes even feathers! If you’ve got a fursuit, then suit up then make your way over in good time. Bear in mind Alex will be requesting poses and 90% of them will revolve around paws. It’s better just to play along honestly.

Fursuit Repairs with Ceil

Hosts: Ceil – Time: 1330 to 1430

Everyone knows fursuiting is not an inexpensive hobby, and these suits are often more than simple costumes, so keeping them fit and healthy is a priority! Ceil will be offering advice for all suiters looking for tips on maintaining and repairing their fursuit; teaching general good practice techniques, and how to best clean, repair, and keep your suit looking its best for years to come.

Wag and Wheels (Carpark)

Host: Scotiacon Team – Time: 1400 to 1600

Scotiacon’s very own motorvehicular meetup! Come join us in the car park to show off those wheels and get your fellow enthusiasts’ tails wagging with your knowledge of… RPM and… uh… tread depth… MOT! (Look, I’m just the editor, I ain’t don’t know what a car is. Head along if you do know though.)

So you want to be a Super Star DJ

Host: Awkore – Time: 1500 to 1600

Ever wanted to be the Next Big furry DJ Super Star? Well come and join one of our very own resident DJs, learn some basics and get some tips on how to get started without having to spend hundreds on equipment.

Scotiacon’s Secret Shocking Pub Quiz

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time: 1600 to 1730

Team up and test yourselves at the Scotiacon Pub Quiz! Every team gets a prize, guaranteed, from the third-biggest charity shop in East Livingston! The winners will get a real, actual, valuable prize. The perfect, traditional con warmer-upper!

Fursuit Games

Hosts: Sayre, Alex – Time: 1730 to 1830

Fetch your top hat, monocle, and cane and turn up in time for this year’s Fursuit Games! Compete against other suiters to show who’s the best at moving in a polyester shag carpet. Remember, no cheating as we’ll be watching!

The Exquisite Fursona

Host: Flux – Time: 1800 to 1900

The drawing game for people of any skill level! Based on a drawing game/exercise called the exquisite corpse, the game is simple: you get into groups of three and each one person draws different parts of the character without the other seeing what has been done. At the end the abominatio… new creation is revealed! Much laughter ensues!

Closing Ceremony

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time: 1930 to 2030

It’s the time we all dread! It’s time to wrap up the convention and say our farewells until next time, but don’t worry, we’ll go out with a bang (please, we need any excuse to use the cannons we built.)

Danza’s Life is Goodish Volume 4

Host: Danza – Time: 2100 to 2230

Dramatic readings of the incredibly [horrifying] notes sent to Danza and others, back again for its fourth year of delightful cringe and possible comedy. Wine will be involved. Lots of wine. Chance of emotional scarring is high.

Scotiacon’s Open Mic and Band Night

Host: Ras-B – Time: 2100 to 2300

Time to bust out your guitar and play Wonderwall amongst other musically talented furries! This is Scotiacon’s very own band and open mic night. So, come along and show off your talent or just come along listen. Electric drum-kit, bass, and guitar will be provided!

The Big Heist

Host: UrtuSenpai – Time: 2100 to 0100

The Tin Can Gang are planning the heist of the Century! Times have been hard and life ain’t easy in the City of’ Gloom, and this band of steam powered cybernetically enhanced criminals are looking to score it big. This is a game for 4-6 people, so bring your whiskey, your stetson, and dice for a rootin’ tootin’ adventure!

Tabletop Gaming Chill (With Warhammer)

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time: 2200 to 0100

Egads! Yet more tabletop gaming! Scoticaon presents a further nice, relaxing, evening with some tabletop gameing in the bar restaurant area. This time we’re hosting a Warhammer meet, so bring your units along for Kill Team, Standard 40K, and Age of Sigmar to show off or even challenge fellow enthusiasts.

Steamed Dog Afterparty

Hosts: Scotiacon Team – Time: 2300 to 0100

Rounding off the convention with a good old song, dance, rave, twerk, shuffle, and boogie. Beware the cheesy music content of this event, but this is your last real chance to bounce about so let’s be fair here we could put on twenty Baby Shark remixes in a row and you’d still headbang to it.