Scotiacon Events

Scotiacon runs many events every year and our attendees run even more!

We’ve written guidance notes for if you get stuck or have any questions – don’t be afraid to ask on Telegram if you get stuck! Event submissions is closed for inclusion in the conbook and printed schedule. Ask at the con if you want to run an informal gathering, we will help with space if we can.

See below for some of our main events from 2018.

Scotiacon Tea Party (meet and greet edition)

Friday @ 1230 to 1330

After the massive success of last year, of course we have to bring this back again or risk a mutiny! So, pop along and get to know the others there. Please note that the cake is also back and is definitely not a lie. (is this joke getting old yet? ach well we’ll find out next year)

All Welcome Syber

Friday @ 1330 to 1430

Seems we have found our mysterious murderer, damn it it’s only our Guest of Honour, still let’s not waste our opportunity to find out some information from her.

An Introduction to medieval swordsmanship

Friday @ 1500 to 1700

This year Scotiacon will be getting our own very special lesson giving details on the history of Scotland medieval weaponry and fighting styles from Jonathan a senior instructor at the Vanguard Centre.

Meet the Charity

Friday @ 1700 to 1800

This year we are proud to present Saints Sled dog rescue as our charity this year. These great people look some of man’s best friends, specifically those curly tailed Huskies and Malamutes. So, come along and found out more about what this year’s charity does for these fine dogs.

Danza’s Life is Goodish Part III

Friday @ 2130 to 2300

Back again for its third year! With the assistance of a bit of wine Danza delves into the murky depths of DMs, notes and messages sent to himself and others with his voice, PowerPoint and word class animation skills as his tools.

Artist Alley

Saturday @ 1100 to 1530

Dealers Den isn’t enough for your artist fix, well we even have an artists alley that will have even more our people looking to sell their wares and commissions. Sign up Friday afternoon, don’t miss it if you want a table.

Informal Improv

Saturday @ 1200 to 1300

It’s like “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” but with furries. And you too, I guess. No-pressure improv games and fun with like-minded individuals

ScotiaCon Dance Competition 2018

Saturday @ 1330 – 1500

Shake your tail feathers…or fluff…whatever! It’s time for the first every ScotiaCon Dance Competition! watch as dancers display their skill and work their moves to impress the judges to win the coveted trophies.

Eat Scotland Medieval Style!

Saturday @ 1600 to 1730

Each year we have the chefs at the hotel make some very tasty food for you to try. All with a distinctly Scottish twist and a bit of information on what you’re eating. Normally this will be a starter, a main and a dessert, but this will vary from year to year as to exactly what is provided.

Barking Blanks! The undying!

Saturday @ 2030 to 2200

Do you really think this horror show will every stop?! Well I’m happy to tell you it’ll never stop, in fact we’ve yet again increased our budget this year and managed to ‘convince’ some of our older panellist to return! So come join our crazy hosts, panel of judges and two challenger teams. Watch how they face their new challenges together as well as the return of some old favourites, please can’t forget the Crystal Dome Shower Cubicle! No refunds accepted!

Ceil’s Karaoke Conundrum

Saturday @ 2030 to 2200

There is a horrible rumour that if you give lots of money to charity, Silverfoxwolf will start singing for money. We’re not sure if it’s to make him stop or not. In either case, come along and belt out some tunes.

Booshie’s Life Drawing

Sunday @ 1000 to 1100

After popular demand it has returned! This time with more lead and even more poses. Fruit may be included… No eating! So come join the great challenge and you might even earn a frame to house your new masterpiece!!

Fursuit Games

Sunday @ 1400 to 1530

Well brave Sir Knight, Time to test your knightly and investigatory skills in this year’s Fursuit Games. So, bring your Swords, spy glass and wits as you’ll be needing them for this year, that’s if you cherish your hides!

Dreamworld and Maulody Concert

Sunday @ 1800 to 1900

Want to listen to orchestral music for an hour? Come listen to Erin Kitsune and Night Moonbayer! They’ll Playing all your favourite classic hits of which you’ll find both pawesome and mauvelous!! (yes, it hurt me not to edit that out) Erin will even be playing some songs from her album “Dreamworld”.


Scotiacon’s Secret Shocking Pub Quiz

Sunday @ 1600 to 1730

Questions in groups, answers in groups and a whole lot of trouble while trying to find them. Come along and see if you can beat our quiz!


Fursuit Repairs with Ceil & Syber

Sunday @ 1730 to 1830

Basic Fursuit repairs and maintenance. Learn ‘good practice’ ways to clean, repair and keep your suit looking at its best.

Scotiacon’s Open Mic and Band Night

Sunday @ 2100 to 2300

Time to bust out your guitar and play Wonderwall with other musically talented furries! This is Scotiacon’s very own band and open mic night. So, come along and show off your talent or just come along listen to the Electric drum-kit, bass and guitar will be provided!

Murdered Dog Afterparty

Sunday @ 2300 to 0100

Rounding off the convention with a good old song and dance. Beware of the cheesy music content of this event Though to be honest if you’re at this party we were already killed by the music the night before.