Events made easy…

Thanks for your interest in running an event a Scotiacon! To help get you started with the form please have a red through this handy guide.

If you’re still struggling, you can always ask for help in the Scotiacon Telegram channels and someone from the events team will be more than happy to help.

What kind of event do you want to run?

Talk / Presentation

Do you have something awesome you want to share and show off? Maybe you’ve got some important research into the fandom to share! A talk is your chance to show off what you love and introduce others to what you care about!

Talks in previous years have included mountaineering, how to fursuit, an introduction to radios and the terrible, terrible notes FA users send and financial assistance for preparing for furcons.


Do you have a skill you want to share with others? Are you great at doing something obscure or cool? Maybe you’re just really good at Scottish dancing and want to teach others…

Past masterclass sessions have included life drawing, an introduction to tabletop gaming and fursuit repairs.


Maybe your species has the native ability to herd, but some need an organised session to form a pack. If you’re enthusiastic about something, this is your chance to get together with others and share your favourite tips, tricks or toys with each other!

Past meetups have included the cheese and wine evening, the inflatables get together, the Smash Bros championship and the macros & micros meet (no micros were harmed during this event… unfortunately).


Do you want to fill our day with music and films? Maybe you have a new documentary to show off, a new album to play us the hits from or a short murder mystery film containing absolutely no hints about the murderer.

Whatever it is, we’re all ears!

Past years have featured the Furiety show, 8/10 Furs and Barking Blanks.


Something not listed or so out there it just doesn’t fit into our other categories? It does now with our very informative others category!

Surprise us and put something exciting in!

Event Name?

Hopefully, this is mostly self explanatory. Give a name to the event you want to run – something that would give people a clue to what it is you might be doing. Keep it short. We don’t want to see anything like “Alex showing the reasonable amount of time tea should be brewed for and why you should always put milk in first!”

Event/Conbook descriptions

This will be used for our scheduling in the conbook, notice boards and website. Tell us in a few sentences what you want to share. Make it interesting and/or informative but don’t drone on too much! Don’t worry too much about your spelling or grammar as long as it conveys what you want to share. We’ll have a read through it and edit it where necessary.

Equipment / Special Requirements

For most events, it’s things like TVs, projectors and microphones that are needed.

There are some occasions where you may need more microphones, a connection for an instrument or other more specialist equipment. You don’t have to make it fancy, a list is usually best! The more we know before it starts, the smoother your event can run.

Hosting Requirements

How many people do you think you will need to run you event. Are you thinking of having co-host, a panel of people or even looking at having some audience participation. This information will help us with mic requirements and possible room setup at the con. Don’t worry if your format isn’t fully set in concrete as we will revisit this later.

Preferred Time

This is quite important for scheduling as it’ll give us an idea when you most want to do you panel, however this doesn’t mean you’ll actually get it at that time you suggest as it’s more a guide for us at event headquarters (Alex’s house).

I’d like help or advice!

Do you need help? Do you want to run something but not too sure how you’ll be able to pull it off? This is the perfect point to ask from our collection of underqualified experts and overconfident fools – all it’ll cost you is a packet of biscuits!

Timeline and Process

The submission process is simple:

  1. You send us your fantastic event idea
  2. Our panel of experts review it, discuss and accept their favourites.
  3. We’ll get in touch to discuss the event in greater detail
  4. Scotiacon!
  5. Run your event

Event submissions with be closing 23/08/2019. After that, we close the form but we’re still excited to hear your thoughts and ideas. More events can be added after the closing date, but they won’t make it into the conbook.