Conbadge image submissions

When you arrive at the convention, during your ON-SITE Registration you will receive a Conbadge, this will need to be worn at all times while at the hotel so that we know you are part of the convention. Without it, you will not be allowed into the event space.

Your badge will look like this [not actual design, just an artist interpretation], but, you can make it look even better if you would like by adding your own image.

Conbadge image submissions are now open, send in an avatar or image of yourself and we can customise your badge to better suit you.

To do so, send in your images to:

or click the button below

and we will sort it out for you.

Image Requirements:
Resolution AT LEAST 300×300 pixels, anything less can still be used, but quality may degrade.
Formats accepted, most common ones such as .jpg and .png. Do Not send .gif, we cannot make your badge animated (sorry)
KEEP IT CLEAN, adult or mature images will not be accepted
NOTHING OFFSENSIVE, these will also not be accepted.

Images do not have to be in a square format, as resizing and cropping will be done by us to ensure they best fit the space provided.

Any questions please ask Reg