Art show terms and conditions


Art Show Terms and Conditions

To enter art in the ScotiaCon Art Show, you (the seller) must agree to the below Terms and Conditions:

General Info

ScotiaCon UK Ltd. (hereafter, ScotiaCon) will offer exhibition space in the Art Show for your art items to be sold in a Silent Auction. A selection of these items will be displayed for sale in a Live Auction. ScotiaCon will refuse to exhibit any item that violates the List of Prohibited Items.

We may also exclude items on terms of lack of artistic merit: Photographs must have artistic quality and artworks must show a minimum of proficiency and effort. Renderings of 2D/3D generated computer graphics must have artistic quality, e.g. we do not accept renderings or screenshots of posed models. Printed mediums must have a minimum of quality, i.e. pictures with pixelated artifacts, washed-out colours or low resolution are not suitable for public display.

Sellers found to be unfairly influencing the bidding process, or otherwise acting in a way judged by the Art Show staff as abusing or ‘gaming’ the Auction systems, will have their items removed from the art show and may be banned from the convention. (Please don’t try this.)

Table placement is random and whilst we will try to accommodate all requests we may not be able to. Please ensure all requests are made as early as possible.

Any circumstance not otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions remains at the discretion of ScotiaCon staff.

The Convention reserves the right to refuse a Dealer table to anyone for any reason.

The Convention Staff reserve the right to prohibit the sale of any item they deem inappropriate at any time, shut down a table, or make other requests with which you must comply, without refund or compensation.

Scotiacon only provide space for dealers, and are not responsible for any business between attendees and dealers. As such, Scotiacon will not get involved in any disputes between attendees and dealers.

The Dealers’ Den management does not tolerate abuse of any staff/crew  members or other dealers. Any such incidents may result in you being removed from the Den, without refund or compensation.

Dealers must not  actively sell or solicit trade at any location within the hotel or grounds other than the Dealers’ Den or Art Show/Auction without explicit permission from the Scotiacon Board of Directors.

If exceptional circumstances force you to abandon your table, refunds and compensation may be offered at the discretion of the Den management.
You may not resell your table to another party; if you cannot attend, or wish to cancel for any reason prior to the convention, you may do so without charge – however we would prefer notification in advance, so we can make the space available to others.  The deadline for such cancellations is one week prior to the convention, except in exceptional circumstances.

Failure to notify us in advance of your intention to drop out from your confirmed space, may jeopardise your eligibility for a space in the Dealers’ Den in future years.

We would strongly advise you be ready, and at your table in time for the initial opening of  the Dealers’ Den on the Saturday of the convention – if you have not taken your space by midday, we reserve the right to pass your table to other interested parties without any notification.
Dealers must wear their Dealer badges at all times whilst in the Dealers’ Den, please leave your badge with your assistant (if you have one) if you leave the den.

Please refrain from activities that might distract or disrupt other dealers.

Keep pathways clear – your main areas for storage are under your table.  No-one should be sat in front of your table.

Dealers are responsible for keeping the area around their table(s) clean and tidy at all times and must ensure that all rubbish has been put in the bins at the end of each day and when tearing down their table(s)

The use of photographic and video recording equipment is prohibited. Dealers are permitted to take pictures of their own table, but must ensure that other dealers’ works are not visible

Scotiacon accepts no responsibility for any property which is lost, stolen or damaged during the convention, unless caused by our own negligence
We would prefer that only furry merchandise be sold in the Dealers’ Den, though generally related items, such as Anime, are fine.
Gambling is not permitted in the Dealers’ Den due to UK gambling laws.

We cannot allow the sale of food or beverages by dealers in the Dealers’ Den, though you can put a bowl of free pre-packaged sweets out on your table.
A note will be made of any dealer found to be consistently breaking any of these rules, for future reference

If you are in any doubt about any of these rules, please contact the Dealers’ Den staff before the convention and we will try to help you out.

Art Show / Silent Auction

When signing the Artshow Submission Sheet, you attest full ownership of all items you submit. If you are acting as an agent for another seller, ScotiaCon cannot assist either party in case of disputes.

Since pre-registration of art is not mandatory, ScotiaCon cannot guarantee that there will be space for your art pieces. Space will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis, but you can be sure we’ll do our utmost to squeeze everything in.

Exhibition space consists of tables and grid walls from which frames can be hung.

The Silent Auction will be conducted in the Art Show room during advertised hours, prior to the live auction event itself. Any item that receives the maximum number of silent bids will be eligible for the Live Auction. You may not withdraw an item from the Silent Auction if it has received one or more bids. You may add additional items to a single item entry, e.g. sketches, extra commissions, promises of cookies, but you may not remove such an item once added. If your item receives no silent bids, then you must collect it at the Unsold Art Pickup event.

If your item receives one or more bids, but does not go to Live Auction, then it will be deemed as sold to the highest bidder on the bid sheet. ScotiaCon staff may handle, rearrange and alter the display of your items in whatever manner is most appropriate to the Art Show.

ScotiaCon may remove an item from the Art Show at any time, for any reason. Such items will be treated as unsold and returned to you.

ScotiaCon may impose a limit on the number of submissions to the Art Show, at any time. For example, this would occur if the number of incoming submissions from a single seller negatively impact the running of the Art Show, or ScotiaCon staff determine that there is no space to display any more items.

Live Auction

ScotiaCon has the final say on which items go to Live Auction, and will decide the order of the items to be presented. This order may change at any time, including during the Live Auction itself.

In the sad circumstance that the Live Auction ends before every eligible item has been offered up for bidding, the sale will go to the highest bidder on the bid slip.

If no bids are made on an item at the Live Auction, the sale will go to the highest bidder on the bid slip. If there are no bids on the bid slip, it will be returned to the seller as Unsold.

ScotiaCon may select items of artwork for special distinction, such as “Guests of Honour’s Special Selection”, “Chairman’s Choice” or “Auction Staff’s Pick”. These awards indicate items that will be directly entered into the Live Auction at the current bid price, or the starting bid price if no bids have been made.

Art Pickup / Artist Payout

If for whatever reason the bidder is unable to pay or has not collected the item by the end of the Artist Payout event, the sale may be annulled. When the Art Pickup and Artist Payout events have ended, ScotiaCon’s formal obligation to the buyer and you will end. Any remaining funds that have not been collected after the Artist Payout will be donated to charity if we haven’t heard from you by next year’s convention, so please show up on time and let us know! Terms of Auction Sale

ScotiaCon acts as a designated agent for the purposes of displaying and conducting an auction. Submitted items will be sold by auction on your behalf. All sales form a contract between the winning bidder and you, with ScotiaCon acting only as a broker. ScotiaCon is not directly involved in the sales contract between you and the winning bidder; we merely facilitate your sale.

You agree to sell your item to the bidder at the bidding price. Potential buyers agree to purchase an item at the bidding price, as part of the terms of entry to ScotiaCon. ScotiaCon will not seek to be involved in further negotiations or disputes about items after its facilitation role is complete. ScotiaCon will not be held responsible for any items that do not sell, for items that the buyer does not collect, or items sold as future obligations.

Items are left in the custody of ScotiaCon at your own risk, and ScotiaCon will not be held liable for any damage or loss to the items, although all reasonable care will be taken for their safe keeping. If something should happen, you will have to file insurance claims yourself.

Any remaining items that have not been collected by the end of the con will be held by ScotiaCon. We will try to find a buyer, or you may choose to annul the sale and have your item(s) shipped to you at your own expense. If you refuse to pay shipping expenses of unpaid items or if we fail to obtain contact after making attempts to do so you before the next con (or within a year), you thereby agree to donate the item(s) to ScotiaCon.

ScotiaCon may pass on the contact details of seller and buyer to one another, if it is necessary to allow you to complete your transaction. Unless you inform us otherwise, we will use the email address you provided upon registration. If you violate any of these terms and conditions, we reserve the right to smother you in chocolate and feed you to Con Ops.

Prohibited Items

These rules cover items on sale in the Dealers’ Den and in the Art Show/Auction. We try to be accepting and open to a wide range of subjects, but we must also operate within the law and the best interests of taste and decency. If you plan to bring anything that may be in a grey area regarding these rules, contact staff in advance of the con for a decision on specific items. If you do not, we will make our decision at the con and likely exclude your item.

The Dealers’ Den, as with the rest of the convention, is for over 18s only so adult oriented materials may be sold and may occasionally be visible.
We would ask that adult artwork be kept out of sight or in clearly marked folders, unless it is being looked at.  Where practical, separate adult and non-adult art.

Adult 3D artwork/sculptures must be completely covered (e.g. under a veil) or kept under the table unless being looked at,
We also do not permit the sale of sex toys, fetish items, or anything else that the Dealers’ Den staff deem to be inappropriate for the setting.

There can be no items for sale or display (publicly or otherwise) at the convention which violate any of the following:

We do not allow any items made of real animal parts, or any sale of such fabrics. This includes pelts, fur and other parts. PLEASE NOTE: This does NOT include items made of leather or sheepskin, as these are considered a by-product of the meat industry and, so, are not covered by the Fur Farming (Prohibition) Act 2000

We do not allow anything that violates European and/or UK law. This includes (but is not limited to) weapons, imitation weapons and drugs (illegal or otherwise). In certain years according to the theme we reserve the right to relax the depiction of weapons for example: science fiction theme / blaster weapons. We do not allow items that violate UK copyright law. Copying or adapting other people’s work or characters is a breach of UK copyright. All items you sell must either depict original characters, fall under Fair Use, be a licensed item (e.g. official merchandise), or you must have a written and signed permission from the original copyright holder allowing you to profit off their work. If you obtain such a signed permission, please contact staff in advance of the con so we have time to verify your claim. If we do not have time to do so, we will need to exclude your item.

Items may not be perishable and may not be dangerous to display for an ordinary, clumsy viewing public.

No depictions of rape or other non-consensual violence in combination with sexual content. Bondage or sub/dom depictions are allowed. Consensual sex of any kind, regardless of species and gender, is allowed (unless covered by the rules below).

No excessive violence and cruelty (even in non-sexual context). Violence in general is allowed on a reasonable level, including blood or hunting. If you are in doubt about this rule, show the picture to the staff before the con. No paedophilia / “cub porn”. We are aware that this is a difficult rule since the actual age of drawn characters is open to interpretation, especially where the characters are drawn in a cartoon style. Appearances count; characters with a very childlike appearance and/or baby face may be considered “children” in the context of this rule. Again, please ask a member of staff if you are unsure whether this rule applies to any of your items.

No zoophilia and/or bestiality involving humans or largely human-like characters (e.g. anime catgirls, elves, or centaurs) with animals or largely non-morphic characters (four-legged) is allowed. Other species-transcending sexual activity (e.g. anthros and humans) is generally allowed. Toilet activities are highly discouraged. This includes scat, watersports, adult diapers in use, or vomit. We do not exclude this content as a rule, but we do appeal to your sensitivity and common sense in showing excretion fetish work, which may not be suitable for a wide and varied public. In other words, we will most likely exclude these items, except in cases of very mild depictions. If you think your item falls under this rule, please contact staff in advance of the con. No discriminatory, derogatory or offensive items may be sold.