Scotiacon is a furry convention currently located in the city of Livingston, Scotland. Having started in Inverness the convention moved to the middle belt of Scotland to be more accessible to attendees.

This is the perfect convention for those just getting their feet wet as well as those wanting a more intimate setting where you have full opportunity to meet everyone and make lots of new friends.

During our time we have battled the evil villains and found superheroes, we have had music concerts, featured films and other events.

With the convention being towards the end of the year it’s a brilliant chance for a change of scenery and a way to wind down we think it’s the perfect way to spend a weekend away.

But Wallace, you ask, what exactly is a furry?!

Furries are people who enjoy anthropomorphic characters and sometimes even create their own characters to identify themselves by.

Alongside creating their own characters, furries also like to create art, music, stories, games and even (animated) movies! There are no boundaries when it comes to imagination and many of the furries are highly imaginative people that love to share their creations.

When we speak of anthropomorphic characters, we mean that we give human characteristics to non humans. With most furries this means animals, but it can even be cars and planes. Micky Mouse and Bugs Bunny are great examples, but even Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars fits!

Besides being highly creative, furries are also generous of nature. With this generous nature in mind, we at Scotiacon have supported a different organisations throughout the years. To date we have raised over £10,000.