Timetable of the convention

Please use the links below to navigate the convention timetable.

Booshie’s Life Drawing – After popular demand it has returned! This time with more lead and even more poses. Fruit may be included… No eating! So come join the great challenge and you might even earn a frame to house your new masterpiece!!

Tabletop RPG Panel – Come Join Blizzy and let him take you through how to begin your very own adventure with friends.  He’ll impart tips and useful hints on how to really immures everyone in your game and warn you of some of the more obvious pitfall in store for you when running a game.

Fursuit Games – Avast ye Buccaneer! – All paws ahoy! Join us for our annual Fursuit Games. Bring yer cutlass and wear your snazzy Pirate Hat ™ an’ prove YA’R no landlubber! Fly the Jolly Roger on your Man-o-War and show you’re no shark bait. Battle in a number of games for the pirate booty and try not to end up in Davy Jones’ Locker (not the Tentacley one, that’s just nasty) (first one to mention the Poop Deck walks the Plank!)

Airheads (and bodies, and legs) Anonymous– Vinyl! Now that I have your attention, this panel has nothing to do with turning musical disks and everything to do with big bouncy inflatables.

Scotiacon’s Secret Shocking Pub Quiz – Questions in groups, answers in groups and a whole lot of trouble while trying to find them. Come along and see if you can beat our quiz!

Fursuit Repairs with Ceil – Basic Fursuit repairs and maintenance. Learn ‘good practice’ ways to clean, repair and keep your suit looking at its best.

Final Highland Fling – Rounding off the convention with a good old song and dance. Beware of the cheesy music content of this event. The only way is up, baby, for you and me now.