We are proud to announce our guest of honour!

All the way from the land down under!

Pocari Roo!

Pocari Roo has been in the fandom for 5 years and a youtuber for 4 of them. After noticing a lack of fursuiting advice related videos, they decided to try to fill the gap themselves and begin their youtubing hobby. Two years in they created a Patreon page after the encouragement from their fiance Kiba Swiftpaw, and with the overwhelming support of the community they were able to create YouTube videos as their full time job.
Since then, Pocari Roo has amassed over 100,000 YouTube subscribers. Their channel is known for a series called “The Bottle”, an in-fursuit vlog that entails various furry fandom related tips, tricks, and thoughts. You can also find live streams, Q&As, travel vlogs, toy reviews, mail openings, music videos, and many other shennanigans on their channel.
Pocari strives to provide family friendly, positive, and entertaining content for both the young and old members of the furry fandom.