Guest of Honour

Introducing our Guest of Honour for 2017, Faruku!

Faruku is based in the United Kingdom and has been producing fursuits since 2008. Specialising in creating eye catching semi-realistic fursuits you can see some examples of her work at the bottom of this page. Originally based in a studio set up in the city of Coventry Faruku has moved back to the her native North of England. Not only producing fursuits, Faruku has been drawing for a number of years and has active in both traditional media and digital work.

Faruku is a keen motorist and has spent a great deal of effort bringing an Abarth 595 named Enzo into being possibly the loudest small car we have ever seen. This year the sound system on our stage could be not the loudest thing around. It’s not just lions that roar, their cars do too!