For the 2017 convention we supported the Parrot Trust Scotland who aim to improve the welfare and wellbeing of parrots through support, education, rehabilitation and protection. Originally founded by Mrs Yvonne MacMillan, whose love of parrots created the sanctuary on the island of Kerrera. Yvonne retired in 2013 and the sanctuary relied on the whole on the kindness of volunteers.

This simply was not a sustainable or viable option, particularly with the high costs of island life and difficulty of emergency access. Since May 2015 the flocks of parrots was successfully moved from the island of Kerrera and are being looked after by permanent on-site knowledgeable and parrot orientated carers on the Scottish mainland.

Scotiacon has undertaken to support a different charitable organisation each year. Through various means we try and raise funds that will have a big impact on those organisations we choose to support. Generally they will have an animal connection either in direct assistance to them or an indirectly through the organisations work.

We will generally try and seek out organisations that are more local in their work and can get the most out of our support efforts. Below is some of the places we have supported in the past.

Amounts raised in previous years:

2017 Parrot Trust Scotland £3,250

2016 Scottish Canals £1,500

2015 Scottish Owl Centre £2089.40

2014 World Horse Welfare £655.81

2013 Hounds for Heroes £616.85

2012 Scottish Wildcats £2080

Running total: £10,192.06

Scottish Wildcats

(Highland Tiger)