Scotiacon Events

Every year Scotiacon runs many events and has panels run by attendees. Below you will find a selection of what will be running this year along with a brief description of what each will contain. Please note that we welcome suggestions and if you have something you’d like to see that we don’t currently have listed use the form at the bottom of the page to suggest it .

Scotiacon Tea Party (meet and greet edition)- After the massive success of last year, of course we have to bring this back again or risk a mutiny! So, pop along and get to know the others there. Please note that the cake is also back and is definitely not a lie.

All Welcome Faruku – If you have any burning questions for this year’s scourge of the sea… Sorry – Guest of Honour, then this would be the time to ask them.

Meet the Charity – What’s a pirate without a parrot? And what’s a pirate con without supporting a charity helping parrots. So, this year, our chosen charity Parrot Trust Scotland have very graciously volunteered themselves to answer all the questions you may have for them.

Danza’s Life is Goodish Part II – Back again for another year of delightful cringe and possible comedy, is another dramatic reading of the incredible (incredibly awful) notes sent to Danza and others.  This time with only 65% emotional scarring for another year!

Photoshoot – Have your photo taken by our resident photo fox. Theme fitting props and accessories are provided to allow you to get into the spirit of the convention and create photographic memories of your time with us.

Dealers Den and Art Show – The dealers den will once again be open for the parting of your money for shiny things. Pick up a commission, buy from the convention table or browse all of the things on show. Art show space is provided free of charge though is subject to free space.

The Furiety Show– The wildly unqualified Doveux and Seadragom present an hour of music, dance and comedy for your viewing pleasure. Because what else are you going to be doing at 10:00 on a Saturday morning?

2017 Smash Brothers Tournament – Super Smash Bros. Tournament – It was a Super hit during its first year, a run-away Smash last year.  Now, returning for the third year in a row, is the Smash Bros Tournament. Single and team ladders with prizes to be won in both. So grab your best Swashbuckling friends or fly your own flag to victory and come join us to make this another great year.

Eat Scotland PIRATE!! –  Each year we have the chefs at the hotel make some very tasty food for you to try. All with a distinctly Scottish twist and a bit of information on what you’re eating. Normally this will be a starter, a main and a dessert, but this will vary from year to year as to exactly what is provided. From tablet to deep fried Mars Bars and haggis bon bons. A complementary drink is also provided with the food as well! Please inform us in advance of any allergies so we can communicate this to the kitchen staff.

Barking Blanks – Err be back! That’s right, Scotacon’s very own Knightmare Furry Game show has returned with its crazy hosts, panel of judges and two challenger teams. This year’s challengers will look forward to a whole host of new games and challenges as well as the return of the Crystal Dome Shower Cubicle… So the question you have to ask yourself is…Are you brave enough to challenge the gauntlet and collect the dragon’s horde at the end of it?

Ceil’s Karaoke Conundrum – There is a horrible rumour that if you give lots of money to charity, Silverfoxwolf will start singing for money. We’re not sure if it’s to make him stop or not. In either case, come along and belt out some tunes.

Booshie’s Life Drawing – After popular demand it has returned! This time with more lead and even more poses. Fruit may be included… No eating! So come join the great challenge and you might even earn a frame to house your new masterpiece!!

Fursuit Games – Avast ye Buccaneer! – All paws ahoy! Join us for our annual Fursuit Games. Bring yer cutlass and wear your snazzy Pirate Hat ™ an’ prove YA’R no landlubber! Fly the Jolly Roger on your Man-o-War and show you’re no shark bait. Battle in a number of games for the pirate booty and try not to end up in Davy Jones’ Locker (not the Tentacley one, that’s just nasty) (first one to mention the Poop Deck walks the Plank!)

Scotiacon’s Secret Shocking Pub Quiz – Questions in groups, answers in groups and a whole lot of trouble while trying to find them. Come along and see if you can beat our quiz!

Final Highland Fling – Rounding off the convention with a good old song and dance. Beware of the cheesy music content of this event. The only way is up, baby, for you and me now.